Sadie Robertson Has Humorous Response To Baby Questions

Sadie Robertson and her husband have been only been married three months, but the newlyweds are already fielding questions about when they’re going to have a baby. However, Sadie made it clear that she’s not ready to start a family just yet.

On Sunday, the Duck Dynasty star took to Instagram to address all the people who have been peppering her with pregnancy questions. The 22-year-old Christian author and podcast host used humor to nicely let everyone know that she doesn’t have babies on the brain right now. According to Sadie, the colors pink and blue don’t make her think about gender reveal parties. To her, they represent one of her favorite places to get a sweet treat with her husband, 21-year-old Auburn University student Christian Huff.

Sadie’s post included a photo of herself and Christian posing inside a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop. The chain’s logo and the color scheme of the decor inside its stores are pink and blue.

Sadie and Christian were pictured standing in front of a freezer full of ice cream cakes. Sadie was rocking a black-and-white tie-dye sweatshirt and a pair of black skinny jeans with holes on the knees. On her feet, she wore a pair of white combat boots with thick black soles and black laces. The stylish social media star had her short, blond hair pulled back in a low, loose ponytail. Christian was wearing a gray long-sleeved T-shirt, baggy faded jeans, and white sneakers.

Sadie posed with one foot up in the air and her arms around Christian. She had her eyes closed, and she was leaning forward to give him a kiss on the cheek as he tuned his face toward the camera and smiled.

As of this writing, Sadie’s post has been liked over 280,000 times. Many of her followers had positive responses to her revelation that she’s currently more interested in eating ice cream than caring for an infant.

“And the church said ‘amen,'” wrote one supportive commenter.

“Take this time to enjoy each other. It is a very special season in life and marriage,” read another response to her post.

“You should take a few years to enjoy being young, travel and get to know each other better as a spouse,” a third commenter advised. “You are young and have plenty of time for babies.”

Sadie and Christian tied the knot in November of last year. Sadie told People that she and her husband eventually plan on starting a family, but it will probably be “years” before they have a child. However, they did recently adopt an adorable puppy together. There’s also a new baby human in Sadie’s life, her adorable nephew, Zane. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sadie and Christian dressed up in fun costumes for the tot’s first birthday party last week.

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