Amazon Announces “Zombieland” Pilot

Amazon has officially announced the Zombieland pilot. Amazon Studios will officially put the television series together and will base it on the wildly popular 2009 movie.

Original programming from online companies is becoming quite the norm these days. Netflix saw quite a bit of success with House of Cards and is moving forward with more projects such as Hemlock Grove.

Amazon hasn’t gotten as much attention with their original programming efforts but appears to be hoping that tapping into the Zombie craze that is still sweeping the nation will change that.

Zombieland was actually acknowledged by Amazon quite a while ago. The show even has its cast already in place. This is simply the first official announcement that the show is going to be moving forward.

This will actually be the seventh comedy pilot that the online giant has put together. There are also a number of children’s shows that Amazon Studios is currently working on.

It appears that the retail site is looking to not only take a run at Netflix but beat them at their own game.

One thing that could make this show stand out from the crowd is that quite a few of the people who worked on the movie will also be working with the pilot.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are both attached to the pilot as well as the movie’s producer Gavin Polone.

The show will feature the same group of characters that were also in the movie, though none of the original cast will be returning. Kirk Ward will now be playing Tallahassee (originally Woody Harrelson.)

Maiara Walsh will be Wichita (Emma Stone), Tyler Ross will be Columbus (Jesse Eisnberg), and Izabela Vidovic rounds out the cast as Little Rock (Abigail Breslin).

Amazon says that customer feedback will determine which of the 13 total shows they currently have pilots for will move forward.

Do you think Amazon’s Zombieland pilot is worth a look?

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