‘Game Of Thrones’ Sophie Turner Is Set To Star In ‘Survive’ Alongside Corey Hawkins

Sansa Stark had it pretty tough in HBO‘s Game of Thrones. However, would she be able to survive rehab and a plane crash? According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress who plays Sansa will return to TV with Survive.

Sophie Turner will star as Jane, who is on her way home from rehab or some sort of similar facility.

“This is me, the truly screwed,” Jane is heard saying at the start of the new trailer for Survive.

Something then goes horribly wrong mid-flight and she and one other person are the only survivors. Having come down in treacherous conditions, the pair must battle freezing weather as well as a dangerous landscape as they fight to return to civilization.

Corey Hawkins, who played Heath in AMC’s The Walking Dead, will play Paul, who is the other survivor of the plane crash. Little is known about this character from the trailer other than he joins forces with Jane in an attempt to both survive their ordeal. Slash Film points out that both characters must also fight their “own personal traumas” in order to survive, indicating that Paul may be hiding a dark past of some sort as well.

As Entertainment Weekly points out, Survive is based on the novel of the same name by Alex Morel. As yet, it is unclear how closely this version will follow the book. For those who are eager to find out what happens to Jane and Paul and can’t wait until April 6 when it premieres, the book will likely offer some insights to these characters and what fates await them.

Corey Hawkins stars as Heath in AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

Quibi is currently offering an upcoming slew of Movies in Chapters. This short series will premiere in 10-minute — or less — episodes. Each offering will be considered to be of movie length, according to Slash Film, and will range in length from two-hours and upwards.

Turner will also star in another offering from Quibi. This one, a reality series, is called Cup of Joe and will delve into the success of her husband‘s band, the Jonas Brothers.

Besides Survive, Quibi has also among its upcoming line up a thriller titled Most Dangerous Game, which will star Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz. In addition, a Keifer Sutherland remake of The Fugitive is also on offer, among others.

Viewers can check out the trailer for Survive featuring Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins.


Survive will be available on Quibi from April 6.

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