‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Theory Confirmed Regarding The Hand In The Trailer

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Season 10 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a hand recently featured in a trailer for the Season 10 return of AMC’s The Walking Dead has gotten fans speculating on who it belongs to. However, Forbes recently cleared up exactly who it is.

In the latest Season 10 trailer, for a split second, a hand is seen clawing its way up through the dirt. The automatic assumption made by many is that this hand belongs to a walker and that someone buried in Alexandria had somehow reanimated. Considering the wave of illness caused by the secret Whisperer, Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas), it seemed likely that someone had not been thorough in making sure the dead did not come back to life.

However, there was another theory devised by fans that saw the hand belonging to one of the living and not a walker at all. This was further endorsed by one of The Walking Dead‘s official twitter accounts which questioned whether or not the hand belonged to a walker. Since then, many viewers have been trying to work out what exactly was going on.

Now, Forbes has released its early review of the first two episodes of the Season 10 return and, within the article, have revealed exactly who it is and what is happening in the scene.

According to them, this hand belongs to Beta (Ryan Hurst) and he has entered Alexandria via a hole that was secretly dug by Dante before it was discovered that he was a Whisperer. Beta then goes on to randomly kill residents in Episode 10, leading to a surge of newly created walkers which then creates chaos within the community

Forbes also explains the reason behind this rampage by Beta, stating that he is on a mission to reach Gamma (Thora Birch). As seen previously in the first half of Season 10, Gamma has been in contact with Aaron (Ross Marquand), who is trying to befriend the Whisperer. By the midseason finale, she had revealed to him the location of the horde of walkers that that was being used as a threat against the communities. It now becomes apparent when the series returns that Gamma is taking refuge at Alexandria. As to what Beta intends to do once he reaches Gamma has not been revealed and viewers will have to wait until The Walking Dead returns later in the month in order to find out more.

Season 10 of AMC’s The Walking Dead will return on February 23.

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