Bombshell Fitness Trainer Lisa Lanceford Powers Through Rigorous Glute Workout In Blue Sports Bra And Leggings

Lisa Lanceford gave her 1.8 million Instagram followers some more “fitspiration” this week that was sure to get them working up a sweat.

The bombshell fitness trainer’s latest workout was shared on Sunday and targeted her glutes. The post included a total of five separate videos taken at the Physique Gym in Hemel Hempstead, England, each of which saw Lisa performing one of the steps in her rigorous exercise routine. She wore a coordinated, light blue set of athletic wear from Gym Shark that consisted of a sports bra and tight leggings as well as a pair of bright white sneakers.

The British trainer kicked off her workout by utilizing the cable machine for a set of glute pull-throughs. She threaded the cable between her legs and slowly leaned forward before returning to an upright position again.

Lisa then performed a set of single-leg Romanian deadlifts. For this exercise, she held a dumbbell in her hand and balanced on one foot while lowering her body toward the floor. Next was a set of single-leg hip thrusts, which saw her resting her upper body on a workout bench and lowering her hips toward the ground while balancing on one foot.

The personal trainer utilized a barbell for the next step in her glute workout, which was an exercise called good mornings. She braced her core and slowly pushed her hips back and lowered her back at a 90-degree angle before returning to an upright position.

The final step in Lisa’s workout was glute kick backs. She returned to the cable machine to complete this exercise and noted in the caption of her post that she utilized her ankle attachments from her own Strong&Sxy line to fasten the cable to her ankle. She gripped onto the bar in front of her and pushed her leg out behind her while contracting her glute.

Since going live to her Instagram page yesterday, Lisa’s intense glute workout has been awarded over 31,000 likes as well as hundreds of comments from fans.

“Love this! Will do it tomorrow!! Also, you look very healthy and your shape is great!!” one person wrote.

“Thank you so much for explaining to us the right way to do the moves!” said another.

“Tomorrow is glutes day for me and I can’t wait to add these exercises to my day!” commented a third.

While Lisa has her own fitness program that fans can participate in, she often takes to her Instagram account to share exercises and stretches with her followers as well. Another recent addition to her page saw her demonstrating a number of lower body stretches for them to try, which certainly proved popular as the update was awarded over 21,000 likes.

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