‘The Bachelor’ Fans React To ‘Ghost’-Inspired Ad As Whoopi Goldberg Gives Shirtless Peter Weber A Warning

Whoopi Goldberg turned up in a commercial for The Bachelor. The longtime View co-host surprised movie fans by reprising her Oscar-winning role from the 1990 movie Ghost in an ad for ABC’s rose-filled reality show. But some Bachelor viewers were confused by the cringeworthy commercial.

During the 92nd Annual Academy Awards, fans were stunned to see Whoopi’s cameo in the “messy” ad for The Bachelor nearly 30 years after she played psychic Oda Mae Brown in the Oscar-winning film Ghost.

In the ad, a shirtless Bachelor star Peter Weber is trying his hands at a pottery wheel as the song “Unchained Melody” plays in the background, but multiple female hands are having their way with him as they rub his waist and chest with the wet clay. The Bachelor star ultimately becomes too distracted by the handsy females to complete his pottery piece, and that’s when Whoopi steps in.

“Peter, you in danger boy,” Whoopi says, in a nod to “Molly, you in danger girl,” the iconic line she told Moore’s character in a scene from Ghost.

In ABC’s remake of the famous pottery wheel scene, Peter laughs as the words “Love is messy” appear onscreen.

But instead of leaving fans swooning, the messy ad made some Bachelor fans cringe. In comments to an Instagram post of the ad, some Bachelor fans were confused by the “creepy” commercial. Other viewers, clearly not familiar with Ghost, called the ad “disturbing” and said they can’t “unsee” it now.

“Wtf is Whoopie doin,” one viewer asked.

“What did I just watch?” another added.

Others offered commentary about what the Ghost-inspired ad could mean.

“If ghost is a metaphor for ‘the past’ then maybe Hannah B does end up coming back,” one fan said, in reference to Peter’s Bachelorette love, Hannah Brown.

“I guess we should change his name to ‘Pottery Pete’ now,” another added of the airplane pilot.

Peter also poked fun at the ad on Instagram. The Bachelor star posted the clip to his social media page and wrote, ‘The one time I took pottery lessons.”

In the comments section, fans chimed in about his group date gone wrong, with some admitting they were cringing so hard watching Peter get rubbed down.

The steamy ad is a far cry from Peter’s very first commercial nearly 15 years ago. In 2005, a teen Peter Weber appeared in a commercial for Sylvan Learning Center. It looks like he has learned a lot since then.

You can see the original Ghost scenes below.

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