‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Josslyn Gives Trina A Warning To Be Careful

Despite all the baby swap drama and mob war chaos going on lately on General Hospital, the teen scene is still going strong. Viewers haven’t seen much at all of Cameron and Trina, but Joss and Dev are in the middle of the whole Corinthos ruckus. However, Monday’s previews show that Trina will be meeting up with Josslyn, who will be giving a warning to her BFF.

There are no details on the exact situation that Josslyn is talking about, but she seems to be a little worried about Trina’s welfare. Considering that there is a mob war going on right now, the streets of Port Charles doesn’t seem to be very safe at all, especially for a young girl to be out walking around. Joss may be warning her about being careful with all of that going on. But there is also another likely scenario that Soap Central has been hinting about for a few weeks now.

Trina is expected to be connecting, or reconnecting, with someone from her past. The spoiler doesn’t say who it is or if Trina even knows who they are, but this story line will be coming to the forefront soon.

In previous episodes of General Hospital, the teens had talked about Trina getting a hit on a possible relative that lives in Port Charles or close to it. Fans had noted that Curtis Ashford seemed to be a perfect match to be Trina’s dad, but that hasn’t gone anywhere yet.


The Inquisitr had previously reported on Curtis possibly being that missing relative. However, Taggert is also back in town, so there is always another possibility that the writers could include him in this story line as well.

Is Trina ready to go find that person on Monday? Is that why Joss is telling her to be careful? She may also get involved in the messy marriage of Nikolas and Ava. After all, Trina does work for Ava at the art gallery and Franco will be doing Ava’s portrait soon. Trina could get wrapped up in the portrait just as she did with Helena’s portrait, and Joss is giving her a warning about getting too close to that situation.

Whatever Trina gets herself into, General Hospital fans will be happy to have her back on screen. She has become a favorite among viewers. Maybe Cameron will pop up soon as well, although his name hasn’t come up in the upcoming spoilers just yet.

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