‘The Walking Dead’ Theory Narrows Who Will Die In Season 10B Premiere To Two Possibilities

As the world draws ever nearer to the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 10B a few theories are floating out there about what fans can expect to see. Among them is the conclusion from the cliffhanger at the end of Season 10A where a group of some of everyone’s favorite characters is trapped in a cave full of walkers. People have been looking at various clues offered up by AMC and others on just who might get out. One new theory believes it can be narrowed down to two people who could end up dying.

The theory, arrived at by Dustin Rowles of Uproxx, starts with the idea that at least one person is going to be killed off. While most in the cave have seemingly had some serious plot armor in the last few seasons, most fans think someone needs to die in such a dire situation.

Among the group that appears to have their heads on the chopping block are Daryl, Carol, Kelly, Jerry, Magna, Connie, and Aaron. Rowles starts his hypothesis by claiming Carol and Daryl are unkillable leads at this point. There is also a teaser that shows Daryl, Kelly, and Aaron outside the cave. Another teaser video shows Carol was able to make her escape. Jerry has been spotted in a couple of images released for the season as well. That means only Connie and Magna are unaccounted for in promos for The Walking Dead Season 10B.

Rowles points out it doesn’t make sense that either would be killed off because they are both relatively new. There is also the fact that Connie and Daryl have a relationship that The Walking Dead fanbase is excited about. Likewise, Magna has been a popular character since joining the program.

Rowles posits both could survive, but that seems unlikely. The show has been pretty faithful about taking at least one fan-favorite in circumstances like the ones the heroes find themselves in the cave. Rowles also points out the characters in the show might be inside the cave precisely because one of the actors wants to move on.

Lauren Ridloff would be the most likely person to go in that case. She’s been cast in Marvel’s The Eternals. Perhaps she doesn’t want to serve two masters. It’s also possible that there is a conflict between the shooting schedules for her projects.

While this theory for The Walking Dead seems to have narrowed it down to one of two characters who will be killed off in the next season premiere, Rowles points out there isn’t a need to get rid of anyone. Michonne and Rosita are both departing this season, and that might be enough for the showrunners. Viewers will find out when The Walking Dead Season 10B premieres on February 23.

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