‘General Hospital’ Fans Think That Dustin Is Much More Than Just A School Teacher

There seems to be something fishy going on with Dustin Phillips, according to General Hospital fans. This fairly new character came onto the scene just a few months ago and is already being deemed a hero. However, many viewers think that there could be much more than meets the eye when to comes to the handsome newcomer.

Dustin is a high school teacher who interacts with the current teen scene, Josslyn, Trina, Cameron, and Dev. He is also Lulu’s new guy. Of course, when it comes to new people on the ABC soap, there is almost always some type of connection to someone in Port Charles, and that includes Dustin. Just recently, viewers learned that he and Brook Lynn Quartermaine have a past together and that certainly complicates things for Lulu since the two women do not get along at all. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed about Friday’s General Hospital, Lulu talked Laura’s ear off about her feelings for Dustin.

Also in the same episode, Dustin and Brook Lynn ran into each other and ended up discussing their past and coming to a truce of sorts. It appears to fans that this guy is really way too good to be true. They believe that there are hints that Dustin is not who he says he is.

“I bet hot Dustin is a undercover cop /agent he’s to good at being a hero.” someone on social media expressed.

“Now I’m wondering if Dustin is the WSB agent who replaced Robert Scorpio and is keeping tabs on Dante. At first I thought it could be Dev. Intriguing,” another person said.

Dustin has been in the right place at the right time lately. He was there when Charlotte jumped into the water and saved her life. He was also on hand when Brook Lynn had her encounter with her manager. And just recently, Mr. Phillips totally saved the day when he went after the gunman who opened fire on Josslyn, Michael, and Sasha. That incident is what really has fans wondering who he really is.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicates that Lulu and Maxie will be getting together this week. It looks like Maxie will be venting to her BFF, but there is a big chance that Lulu will also vent to Maxie about her relationship with Dustin.

Fans are also predicting that that will be a love triangle between Dustin, Lulu, and Brook Lynn soon as they noticed a bit of chemistry between the two exes.

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