WWE News: ‘NXT’ Superstar Once Again Vows To Retire Brock Lesnar Following Alleged Backstage Confrontation

Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar reportedly aren’t fans of the way Matt Riddle conducts himself in the public eye. The NXT rookie has repeatedly stated that he wants to retire “The Beast Incarnate,” which led to a backstage confrontation between the pair at the Royal Rumble. However, even though Lesnar allegedly told Riddle that they’ll never work together, the upstart superstar is still adamant about retiring the Universal Champion.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, a video appeared online over the weekend that was taken during an NXT live event. In the clip, Riddle cuts a promo about “The Beast Incarnate,” and it’s clear that the recent altercation between the former UFC fighters has only fueled the young superstar’s ambitions.

“I never stopped. I kept training. I knew the goal, the dream was right there in front of me, and I’m not gonna stop. This is just the beginning. 12 years ago it started and 12 years from now I’ll still be going, and I guarantee you this, Las Vegas, the ‘Bro’ retires Brock Lesnar.”

This likely won’t do Riddle any favors in the eyes of main roster management, who believe that he doesn’t respect the hierarchy of the wrestling business. Furthermore, McMahon allegedly sees him as an outsider, since he joined WWE from the independent circuit and didn’t receive a gimmick change.

If the promo was conducted during a WWE event, it’s possible that Riddle has been encouraged to shoot on Lesnar to build up a storyline. However, superstars have fewer restrictions placed on them at live events, so chances are Riddle went into business for himself.

While McMahon and Lesnar might not be fans of Riddle, he does have the backing of NXT executives. The young superstar has a big future on the black and gold brand having recently won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team tournament, and he’s been hailed by many pundits as a future NXT Champion.

It remains to be seen if this is all a work or whether or not there is legitimate heat between Riddle and Lesnar. For many members of the WWE Universe, a match between the pair would be a dream come true since both competitors are experienced mixed-martial artists.

However, at the time of this writing, Lesnar is top of the WWE food chain and Riddle is a star on the rise. Of course, Riddle’s stock could drop if he keeps rubbing the company’s chairman the wrong way.

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