‘General Hospital’ Rumors & Spoilers: Valentin Gets Crushing News And It Could Be About Charlotte

Many things are happening on General Hospital these days that are causing rumors to pop up concerning a few of the current storylines. One of those rumors happens to be about Valentin Cassadine. Everyone has turned on him except for his daughter, Charlotte. Now even that may be turned upside down as rumors have been swirling that she is not his child after all.

Back in December, The Inquisitr had addressed the speculation among General Hospital fans that Valentin might turn out not to be Charlotte’s real papa. There have always been some questions about the girl’s parentage, but he and Lulu have been not-so-nicely co-parenting her for a while now, and the whole thing seemed to be settled. However, the namedropping of Claudette, Charlotte’s surrogate, brought those rumors back in full force once again.

There is also a big hint that something will be coming up in Valentin’s life this week that will have him turning darker than he already is. Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that on Valentine’s Day, his life will take a terrible turn. The timing seems to be quite appropriate as Helena Cassadine is set to reappear, either in flashbacks or returning alive. She could always turn out to be a ghost haunting Valentin as well. No other details have emerged on that just yet.

When Nikolas came back from the dead, he declared that Valentin is actually Helena’s son, not Mikkos’. So, it stands to reason that his supposed mother will be returning for Valentin to embrace his darker side.

Another spoiler from Soap Central indicates that he will be getting some crushing news this week as well. General Hospital fans have been wondering if he finds out that Charlotte isn’t really his daughter. That would certainly devastate him. It could have something to do with Helena’s return in a few days, which would surely lead the man down a dark path if he wasn’t aware of it. Another twist in this storyline would be that Lulu isn’t her mother either, as previous rumors had indicated. That would surely bring plenty of chaos in Port Charles.

What about Nina Reeves? She just told Valentin on Friday that there is nothing between them anymore. How will this rumor of Charlotte not being his daughter affect her? She is very close with Charlotte, despite her and Valentin not getting married.

However, Charlotte seems to have the Cassadine streak of revenge in her as she was seen in a previous General Hospital episode cutting up Sasha’s face as it appeared on the cover of Crimson. Helena’s return this week is sure to conjure up some dark emotions from anyone she may come into contact with, especially if she brings bad news for Valentin.

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