Kandi Burruss’s Mom Still Doesn’t Like Todd Tucker, Isn’t Sure He Loves Her Daughter

Mothers of The Real Housewives can cause just as much drama on their respective shows as the women who are officially cast members. One of those such mothers is Joyce “Mama Joyce” Jones of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kandi Burruss’s mom is not shy about voicing her opinions on the show, especially when it comes to her daughter’s husband, Todd Tucker. Mama Joyce has never been fully supportive of the duo’s marriage and believes Todd is an opportunist who married her daughter for fame and money.

Despite the couple marrying back in 2014, Mama Joyce still does not like her son-in-law, according to a source that spilled some juicy details to The Hollywood Life. A recent trailer for the newest RHOA episode showed things have not improved much for Mama Joyce and Todd, and they may not ever.

“This is not just for a storyline, it’s very real and not new. Kandi’s mom has never fully let go of her first impression of Todd,” the source claimed.

“She has done her best to get along with him because he is Kandi’s husband and the father of two of her grandchildren but it’s always bothered Kandi’s mom that she married a man with less money than her.”

According to the insider, Kandi’s mom was never happy with how Todd handled the whole situation regarding the duo’s prenup. Todd did not want to sign the contract and pitched quite the fit about it according to the source, but inevitably gave in and agreed to the terms. This is something Mama Joyce has never been able to get over and why she feels Todd is only after the money in Kandi’s bank.

“At this point, Kandi has no idea what it would ever take for her mom to just believe that Todd genuinely loves her and isn’t using her for clout or for her money,” a second source noted to the publication.

Mama Joyce was never happy about the fact that Todd quit his job as well, even though Kandi supported his decision to do so. The couple has been working together building new businesses and making investments but that doesn’t appear to be good enough to satisfy Kandi’s mom.

No matter her feelings on Todd, Mama Joyce will have to get used to him being around since he is the father to two of her grandchildren. The couple share four-year-old Ace and 4-month-old Blaze together.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs every Sunday night at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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