‘Bachelor’ Fans Think They Have The Winner Pegged Based On Peter Weber’s Venmo Activity

Warning: This article contains Peter Weber’s final two women on Season 24 of The Bachelor.

Fans of The Bachelor are doing everything in their power to scour the internet for clues to find out who Peter Weber chooses at the end of the season. For the first time in a long time, the final pick on The Bachelor has not been spoiled, not even by Reality Steve who is as just in the dark as the rest of the viewers. Every theory in the world has been latched on to, and one of the newest is tracking Peter’s final pick by his activity on Venmo.

According to Cosmopolitan, Bachelor fans on Twitter have pegged Hannah Ann Sluss as the winner of Season 24 for a variety of reasons. Hannah and Peter both have private accounts on Venmo, meaning their payment activity cannot be seen by anyone visiting the site. Madison Prewett’s Venmo page is public, which is how fans came to determine the winner. Bachelor sleuths believe that if Madison had one, her page would remain private to prevent people from seeing exchanges she might have in the present day with Peter.

“I did some detective work last week and Pilot Pete is friends with Hannah Ann on Venmo. So I’m calling it that she will be the winner,” one fan theorized on Twitter.

“Hannah Ann won the bachelor bc she’s the only one w a private Venmo so we can’t see their transactions and she posts the same golf bag that Peter has,” another added.

Women’s Health went ahead and did the research and confirmed what many fans had confirmed on their own. Peter and Hannah definitely follow each other and have private accounts, while Madison’s is still very much public.

Fans also found out that Colton Underwood chose Cassie Randolph in Season 23 because of his Venmo activity as well. Moving forward, Bachelor producers might have to ensure contestants keep their Venmo’s private until they’re eliminated on the show for all viewers to see.

A major twist is supposed to be coming during the final rose ceremony this season, where a bombshell is dropped on Peter that has never happened before in Bachelor history. It’s already been debunked that one of Peter’s contestants is not revealed to be pregnant, which was a wild fan theory that gained a lot of steam over the past few weeks.

The Bachelor airs every Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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