Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Tease That The Wiley Secret Is Causing Panic & Scrambling

The secret that Wiley is really Michael and Nelle’s son Jonah supposedly won’t stay hidden for too much longer according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. ABC has promised that this storyline is in its final chapters and that the Jonah truth will be revealed soon. New teasers for the week of February 10 give some fresh insight into how quickly this will progress.

Soap Central details that in the week ahead, Brad will reach out to Nelle. Viewers have seen that he’s essentially in a full-blown panic mode at this point with Lucas awake and remembering small tidbits of the accident.

What will Brad want to discuss with Nelle when he tracks her down? Fans know that her intent is to get her hands on her son and head far away from Port Charles with him. Brad has been worried about Nelle’s intentions, but she hasn’t told him exactly what she hopes to do.

Nelle currently thinks she’s got everything under control and that she’ll be getting a big payday soon one way or another. She may manage to snag a large payout thanks to that ELQ stock, but it was revealed during Friday’s show that there’s a lot going on behind her back with this.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Nelle will find herself feeling quite resentful in the days ahead. In addition, Willow will have an intuition about something, and she’ll try to figure out how to handle it.

Lucas will turn to his sister Sam in hopes that she can help him. It may be that he’ll try and figure out what was happening with Brad right before the accident, but Sam doesn’t know much of anything on this front.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Willow will be interrupted in the middle of something at the end of the coming week. The following Monday, Michael is suspicious, although this is not necessarily related to Nelle or Wiley.

Lucas’ flashbacks and memory flickers will continue into the week of February 17. Then, February 19, Nelle makes an exit of some sort.

While this General Hospital spoiler may make it sound as if she’s leaving Port Charles, that isn’t necessarily the case. It could also be that she walks in on something happening or someone that she decides not to interrupt and she quietly backs away from whatever is going on at that moment.

Based on the General Hospital spoilers that are currently available, it sounds as if this baby swap drama will probably continue at least until the end of the month. Additional details should emerge soon, though, and fans cannot wait to see Michael learn that his “godson” is really his biological son.

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