Hoda Kotb Discusses The Value Of Supporting Other Women, Especially Female Coworkers

There is no denying that Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager have a special dynamic that allows them to work really well with one another as they co-host the lighthearted fourth hour of the Today Show. While this sort of work relationship is one that many may aspire to achieve themselves, Kotb and Hager sat down for an interview with Parade during which they discussed why it’s really not that difficult to be there for the women around you.

Kotb and Hager can relate to one another especially well due to the fact that they have kids around the same age and have similar personalities and passions. Although this may seem like the kind of dynamic that only exists on television, they both agree that anyone can find it if they seek it out.

Hager still remembers the first time Kotb called her when former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford was going to be away from the show, and NBC would need to find a replacement. Kotb had no doubt that Hager was up for the task. It was because of Kotb’s belief in her that she managed to get to where she is now, Hager emphasized.

“It takes that type of belief to lift other women up and she does it every single day. And not just me, ask any woman here. And that’s so great. I really suggest to all of you, no matter where you work, to find those women. To support women, to find women. She’s been that for me since the day I started here and I just feel so grateful.”

One thing the pair does well is build one another up on a daily basis, helping to provide confidence while they take on the challenge of appearing on national television and brushing off critics.

Both Kotb and Hager couldn’t stop gushing about the other, explaining what inspired them about the other.

“She’s just so happy. She’s where she’s supposed to be and that feels right and it’s effortless,” Hager said of Kotb.

Hager hasn’t been the official co-host of the fourth hour for long as Gifford just retired this past spring after spending years as Kotb’s sidekick. Nevertheless, Hager has already proven she’s up for the task. In fact, the show has been so successful that the pair are now welcoming a studio audience during their Thursday and Friday shows beginning this past week, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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