‘Bachelor’ Contestant Mykenna Dorn Goes Viral For Her Embarrassing Facial Expressions

Mykenna Dorn was a contestant during the ongoing season of The Bachelor starring Peter Weber. While she made it all the way up until this previous season’s episode, she never really seemed to gain much of a connection with Weber. As a result, fans were treated to quite a few of her very upset and somewhat bizarre facial expressions throughout the show. Some of these expressions have since become viral memes, according to TV Insider.

At only 23-years-old, Dorn was deemed by other contestants as too immature to really be in this process to find love with Weber. This judgment was made after she continuously broke down in tears after several dates of not getting to spend enough quality time with Weber. To make matters worse, social media couldn’t get enough of the weird ways she stuck out her tongue when she was frustrated.

“Mykenna and her facial and tongue gymnastics… I’VE HAD ENOUGH,” one fan of the show wrote on Twitter, including four different images of Dorn sticking out her tongue.

Unfortunately, fans won’t be seeing any more of Dorn, at least not for now. She was sent home after a dramatic feud with fellow contestant Tammy Ly during the most recent episode. After getting into a loud argument within earshot of Weber, he decided to put them both on a two on one date. He decided upon sending Ly home first, thus leading Dorn to believe she was safe for the time being. Nevertheless, when it came time for the rose ceremony, he sent her packing along with Sydney Hightower.

Eventually, Dorn took to Instagram to respond to the jokes being made at her expense and to speak about the ending of her Bachelor journey.

“My time on #TheBachelor didn’t go as I had hoped but that’s okay. I walked away from this experience with my head held high and with a new found love for myself. I really am excited to find my person after all this because for the first time I do feel that I deserve someone great,” she began her lengthy caption.

Her caption ended with an expression of confidence, “Don’t you EVER feel like you need to silence yourself nor feel ashamed of who you are,” she wrote, including the hashtag “imakeweirdfaces”.

While Dorn is not the person Weber will end up with, he still has six women remaining, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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