Cliff Bleszinski Claims His Words Were Twisted Over ‘LawBreakers’ Failure

One of the gaming community’s most famous figures is firing back over what he claims was a twisting of his words. Cliff Bleszinski, the former lead designer on the first few Gears of War games, claims the media got it wrong when talking about what went wrong with one of his more recent projects.

Earlier this week, Bleszinski talked about the reasons behind the failure of LawBreakers. When he mentioned he thought the game was “too political,” it made quite a few headlines. Now the man better known as Cliffy B among gamers is claiming people took his comments out of context.

He took to Twitter on Friday morning to clear the air.

“God more news stories are pouring into my inbox re: LB and how they are twisting my words to point to say it tanked for the one reason was my politics. Once Again. For those of you clickbait idiots. I said it was a factor. Not the. There were many more.”

He ended the mini rant with an expletive aimed at the internet in general.

On Bleszinski’s Instagram account, he went into more detail about what other factors he felt led to the downfall of LawBreakers. He added choosing PlayStation over Xbox, the timing of the game’s release, and the marketing surrounding it were other factors.

The game, created and published by his Boss Key Productions studio, was released as a team-based shooter intended to be an alternative to other popular games in the genre like Overwatch. Its sales numbers were notably bad, and the game was soon an afterthought in the gaming community.

The same could be said for another game Boss Key put out titled Radical Heights. The number of players at any one time for either game was in the dozens, rather than hundreds just months after launch.

Bleszinski has been making headlines for a couple of different reasons this week. The famous game designer still has a solid following on social media thanks to his work in the Gears of War series. A few days ago, he tweeted out he’d like to return to his roots in one form or another.

He put out a very public offer to Microsoft to bring him in as a special consultant. Not long after he made the offer, he clarified he didn’t want to become a full-time employee or spend all his time putting together Gears 6. He simply wanted to suggest some things he felt could make the next iteration better.

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