WWE News: Scott Hall Reveals His Very Low Salary Before Jumping Ship To WCW

The mid-to-late ’90s was a very interesting time for WWE. They were dealing with an uprising from WCW as the wrestling power shifted. Scott Hall was one of the biggest names to jump ship and he went on to be one of the founding members of the New World Order (nWo). Many years later, that whole era is still being discussed and Hall has revealed one of the reasons he left the company — his very low salary from WWF/WWE.

Hall jumping to WCW from WWF was a huge moment in wrestling history, as he was soon joined by Kevin Nash and created The Outsiders. Not too much time had passed before Hulk Hogan‘s infamous heel turn, which officially led to the debut of the nWo. The rest, as they say, is history.

Chris Jericho recently interviewed Hall during his Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea: Part Deux to discuss a number of topics. As reported by Wrestling Inc., Jericho brought up the subject of Hall jumping ship to WCW, which unveiled a very shocking revelation concerning his past salary.

Hall said he went to Vince McMahon to ask him what he could improve upon to make more money in WWF. McMahon told the bad guy he was doing everything right in the ring and on the mic, but he simply wasn’t going to get a bump in pay and that was it.

Hall said he would have stayed with WWF for less, but that he wanted a better guarantee for the work he was doing. It was at that time that Hall revealed just how little he was making on his downside guarantee contract with WWF/WWE.

“My [WWF] contract, as was everybody’s, except for maybe Hulk [Hogan] and stuff, [Ultimate] Warrior, [was] 10 days at $150 a date, guaranteed. Yeah, you made more than that, but that was what you were guaranteed. $1,500 and you give up everything for $1,500.”

When Hall decided to leave WWF, Nash apparently wanted to stick around and stay with the company. Hall showed his contract to Nash and told his friend to make sure he got paid more than that. That conversation ultimately led to Diesel departing WWF as well.

Contracts have certainly changed over the years and things are much different now in the world of professional wrestling. Until All Elite Wrestling premiered, “jumping ship” had become a thing of the past, though it may start up again at some point. Hall wasn’t the first guy to leave WWE over a contract, but his move certainly seemed to be the catalyst for the all-out war over talent, money, and deals between the different promotions.

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