Gwen Stefani Calls Herself & Blake Shelton ‘Parents’ In Adorable Interview

Gwen Stefani admitted that she considers herself and Blake Shelton to be “parents” in an adorable new interview — but it’s probably not in the way fans may be hoping. Though Gwen is a mom to her three sons with former husband Gavin Rossdale, she revealed in a new interview that she also considers Blake to be a parent as they opened up about the sweet relationship she has with is dog, Betty.

The sweet moment was captured during a new interview with CMT Hot 20, which was posted online earlier this week. The interview went down at the 2020 Grammy Awards, which took place on January 26, when the couple were asked about Betty making a special guest appearance in the music video for their new duet “Nobody But You.”

In the video for the song, which they performed live on the Grammys, Betty can be seen jumping all over Gwen as she sat alongside Blake on a sofa. The dog’s energetic reaction to the couple caused Hot 20 host Katie Cook to ask if there may be some jealousy there when it comes to the country star’s affection for his girlfriend of over four years.

“She gets jealous. She’s Gwen’s dog now, so that’s where the jealousy comes in,” the “God’s Country” singer shared, per Pop Culture.

Notably, Blake had Betty before he began dating Gwen and at one time shared her with his former wife and fellow country star Miranda Lambert.

While Blake’s claiming that the dog loves Gwen more than him, the “Cool” singer played down the canine’s affection for her as she sweetly admitted that they’re both parents to Betty, and she loves them both.

“She loves both of her parents, very much,” Gwen said.

In the same interview, the duo also opened up about their duet as Blake confessed that, despite their very different styles, they’ve actually found that they enjoy a lot of the same music.

“We’ve found that our musical tastes are pretty much the same. We both love ’70s, ’80s music,” he said.

Gwen then joked about her boyfriend’s musical taste not deviating too much from country music.

“Blake really likes punk rock and likes ska, stuff like that,” she quipped and joked that the singer is actually really into his Reggae.

The latest interview from the 2020 Grammys red carpet comes shortly after another chat with the two emerged online recently which showed them being questioned if they’re officially more than just dating.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the duo had a pretty coy response when asked if Blake had officially popped the question or if they’d married in secret.

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