‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Nelle Confronts Michael As Her Plan Takes Off

Nelle has confessed her devious plan to her lawyer, Martin Grey, this week on General Hospital, as a way to squeeze as much money as she can from the Quartermaine family. Michael invited his ex to stay at the mansion, which has Tracy, Ned, and Brook Lynn up in arms. Michael then changed his mind and has her staying at the boathouse instead, but that hasn’t stopped Nelle from going ahead with her plan. Little do they know that she is about to be an even worse house guest than they could ever imagine.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show reveal that Nelle and Michael will once again be having words. SheKnows Soaps teases that Nelle will be miserable. However, the previews that were shown on Thursday may be deceiving. Is she really that miserable? Or is she playing it up for the family’s benefit? Nelle knows exactly what she is doing. She will be making it look like she is the victim on Friday by telling Michael that she thinks the reason he brought her there is so he can kill her.

While Michael just wants her to go back to Pentonville where she belongs, Nelle may be the one who has evil on her mind. She got sent to prison for attempting to kill Michael, but this time she is trying to turn the tables onto him.

Spoilers also hint that Nelle will be trying to leave town sometime this month. However, it doesn’t say whether she has Wiley with her or not. It’s likely that she does try to take him with her as that has been her plan all along.

Things are getting quite complicated right now as Lucas has finally woken up after weeks of being in a coma. Unfortunately for Brad, Lucas will be having some flashbacks of the night of the car accident. Brad had confessed about the baby swap, and Lucas is expected to remember bits and pieces of it. According to The Inquisitr, Lucas will start questioning what it is that Brad had confessed that night.

Of course, Brad will try to make up an excuse that it was nothing, but that will certainly leave him anxious and scrambling trying to figure out what to do. If Nelle gets wind of what is happening, this will certainly seal the deal that she needs to grab her son and leave town with him.

February sweeps is bringing plenty of action and drama on General Hospital. Nelle Benson returning to bring more havoc into Michael’s life is expected to end with the baby swap secret finally being exposed. It will bring plenty of happiness for the Cortinthos family, but heartache for Lucas and Willow Tait. There will also be repercussions for Brad and Julian.

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