Noah Cyrus Does Up Dubai For RedFest DXB While Straddling An ATV To Go Desert Sightseeing

Noah Cyrus probably wasn’t recognized while trying to burn rubber in the middle of a desert on an ATV. The “Lonely” singer was in Dubai to perform at RedFest DXB on Friday night so before the gig, she took off for the Emirates desert landscape while rocking a heavy helmet, big sunglasses, and a face mask created from a scarf.

She posted her new look on Instagram after taking a selfie while she straddled her sturdy mode of transportation as she wore oversized brown pants. The 20-year-old performer also rocked a two-toned, sand-colored crop top featuring long sleeves. The abbreviated garment allowed her tiny waist to be revealed.

From underneath her black helmet, Noah’s raven-colored locks could be seen trailing down the back of her shirt while she was surrounded by wavy dunes. Another desert-worthy vehicle was parked in the background.

Hopefully, Noah’s desert adventure helped with any jangled nerves as she looked forward to performing at the seventh annual RedFest DXB gathering. Her review on the pop festival’s site proved Miley’s sister’s enviable prowess.

“As one of today’s hottest up and coming artists, Noah Cyrus has been forging her own path in left-of-center pop and singer/songwriter music since her debut single “Make Me (Cry)” went straight to #1 on Spotify’s Viral Global Chart within hours of release and has since surpassed 500 million global audio and video streams.”

Noah has been on the road in recent days, delivering concerts that are part of her “The Not So Tour, Tour.” Her next stop, as stated on the star’s personal site, is in London next week, followed by concerts in New York and Los Angeles in March.

Four hours after going live and being shared with her 5.6 million followers, Noah’s latest Instagram update earned nearly 191,000 likes and more than 535 comments. Some simply offered emoji — including star-eyed faces, red hearts, purple hearts, heart-eye faces, blue hearts, and fire — while others wrote about how they felt about Noah and her most recent social media post.

“This is the sickest thing ever,” remarked Noah’s oldest sister, Brandi Cyrus.

“That waist ouuuuch!” exclaimed a fan, who added a fire emoji.

“Wow wish I could like this pic more then once,” mused another admirer, who added a heart-eye face emoji.

“That looks like fun,” stated yet another Instagram user.

As Noah shows off her talents to warble in Dubai, many may wonder whether or not she will bring out her signature moves, which includes the frequent urge to flip the bird or lick her middle finger as she sings. Whether or not this artist does carry off her tenacious and often x-rated ways while in the Middle East remains to be seen.

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