Teresa Guidice Reacts To Joe Giudice Partying With Other Women, Says She’d Hang Out With His New Girlfriends

Joe Guidice was spotted partying in Mexico with other women, despite the fact that his divorce from estranged wife Teresa Guidice is anything but final. Still, the star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has no hard feelings about the situation. According to OK Magazine, she weighed in on the controversy, saying that she was fine with Joe hanging out with other women and that if he ever got serious with someone, she’d be happy to meet and hang out with them.

Teresa’s magnanimous attitude isn’t about mending the couple’s friendship, but about making sure that their four girls are emotionally cared for.

“I even told Joe, ‘You know, when you find your significant other, I’ll even come and hang out with you to make it good for my girls.’ Obviously, if I’m fine with it, they’ll be fine with it,” she said.

When it comes to the images that recently hit the news showing Joe partying and dancing with women while vacationing in Mexico, she says that she put a positive spin on it to help out her girls, adding that she expects Joe to be finding a new partner now that they are no longer together.

“I made it good for [the kids]. And they were fine with it. That’s what he’s supposed to be doing. We’re not together … I want him to be happy,” she said.

Teresa’s family wasn’t so positive about Joe’s partying. Melissa Gorga, Teresa’s sister-in-law, revealed that she and her husband saw the images and were upset.

“Who are these h*es,” she said.

Since then, Joe Gorga, Teresa’s brother, has said that Joe doesn’t know how to behave as a father and husband, as The Inquisitr previously reported. He added that he had never been sure about their relationship.

Joe called Teresa’s husband “arrogant” and said that he doesn’t know “how to be a man.”

But Teresa says that she and her husband are trying to make things peaceful for their family.

“We’re doing good. First priority is [our] daughters, and that’s it,” she said, adding that they will “support each other no matter what.”

The news of Teresa’s response comes after it was revealed that Joe told her that he didn’t have feelings for her any longer before they announced their separation, prompting the reality star to question whether they should stay together. She says that her estranged husband told her to find someone else, and he would feel fine with it.

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