‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Shares Photo Of Daughter’s ‘Rainbow Hair,’ Tells Fans To ‘Calm Down’

Catelynn Lowell recently shared a photo of her daughter with a strand of pink running through her hair. However, before the mom-shamers even had a chance to come out, the Teen Mom OG star put them in their place.

The photo, which was shared to her Instagram account, showed her 5-year-old daughter Nova sitting in a salon chair. Her blond hair is worn down and with some curl in the ends with a strand of pink hair on the left side blended in to her natural hair color. While the hair looks like it is Nova’s natural hair, Catelynn took to the caption to explain what was really going on.

First, she thanked the salon for making Nova’s “rainbow hair come true.” Then, she explained that some color hair was added. She let her fans know it wasn’t Nova’s actual hair that had hair dye on it.

“Calm down y’all it’s not her hair that’s dyed.”

The photo had over 73,000 likes and a few comments from Catelynn’s more than 3 million followers.

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS Cate!!!! I would dream of having a pink or purple strand of color in my hair like this as a little girl. Hell, this makes me wanna do it to myself now. LOL,” one comment read.

Gary Shirley’s wife, Kristina Shirley, also chimed in.

“Absolutely beautiful, Nova! Emilee would be so jealous of your hair,” she wrote, adding an emoji at the end.

Catelynn’s Teen Mom OG co-star, Cheyenne Floyd, also took to the comments to show her support.

“Super cute! Cool girl.”

The reality show star limited who could comment on the post, though, so fans weren’t able to leave any comments on the post. However, considering the fact that other celebrities have taken some flak for coloring their daughter’s hair, it makes sense that Catelynn would want to limit who could comment. It also explains why Catelynn pointed out in the photo caption that she did not dye her daughter’s actual hair.

Last year, Jessica Simpson came under fire from followers when she shared a photo of her 7-year-old daughter with the ends of her hair dyed purple and pink. Jessica was also shown plenty of support from her fans, though, who didn’t see the big deal.

Although Catelynn Lowell didn’t post a photo of Nova’s reaction to her rainbow hair, it sounds like the 5-year-old was excited to have a splash of pink added to her blond locks.

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