‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber Teases That He Will Say ‘I Love You’ This Season

Peter Weber has been quite tight-lipped about how things turn out for him this season during The Bachelor. Spoilers tease that there is a wild ending ahead and so far, he has resisted telling people whether he is with one of his ladies or not. However, he did answer one tantalizing question during an interview ahead of Episode 6 airing on Wednesday night.

During his chat with the crew of E! News Daily Pop, Peter talked quite a bit about all of the chaos and drama of this season. Much of the discussion was about the ladies who were stirring the pot during these early episodes, but there was a little bit of talk about the end of the season too.

At one point, Peter was asked how many women he said “I love you” to during filming. As The Bachelor fans will surely remember, Ben Higgins generated a lot of buzz during his run when he told both of his final two ladies that he loved them. Will Peter make the same mistake?

When asked this question, Peter hesitated for a moment. It may have been that he was hesitating because he wasn’t sure whether he should answer or not, or it could be that he was thinking back to make sure he gave the right answer. Either way, he revealed that he said those magical three words to just one person as The Bachelor.


Peter was quickly asked after that if the lady he said that to was the same one he chose at the end. Naturally, he couldn’t answer that.

So far, The Bachelor spoilers regarding how things end for Peter have not been pinned down. There have been plenty of rumors and theories swirling around, but Peter has said he’s confident it’ll remain a secret until the finale.

There may be an air of mystery about Peter’s final rose ceremony and current status, but it does seem that a decision was made and nothing has been left up in the air until the live portion of the finale. However, The Bachelor star still won’t say whether he is currently engaged or in a relationship.

Ever since filming ended in November, Peter has coyly said that he is happy with how everything ended. During this interview, he maintained that sly answer and wouldn’t reveal anything more specific.

Peter also said that he followed his heart during filming and he admitted that the last week was “insanely difficult.” He added that the difficulties go right up to the last seconds and supposedly, something emotional and unusual happens during that final rose ceremony.

Fans still have to wait a little more than a month before The Bachelor finale airs. It doesn’t look like Peter is going to let anything slip before that, but knowing that he does fall in love and expresses that to one lady is certainly something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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