‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Dayna Kathan Slams Scheana Marie As Immature For Poor Treatment At SUR Restaurant

Dayna Kathan wants Scheana Marie to get over herself.

In a sneak peek at the February 11 episode of Vanderpump Rules, Dayna is seen speaking to co-star Jax Taylor in the bar area of SUR Restaurant when the topic of Scheana’s relationship with Max Boyens comes up, as well as the potential drama at TomTom that Dayna hoped to avoid.

“Are you f**king kidding me? She’s such a b***h to me,” Dayna says. “I’ve never met a less mature person in my life.”

As fans of Vanderpump Rules have seen over the past few weeks, Scheana has taken issue with Dayna due to her blossoming romance with Max, who Scheana dated for one month before filming on the series’ eighth season began last summer. Scheana even targeted Dayna at work by forcing her to tend to busy work at SUR Restaurant, just like Stassi did to her when she first began working as a waitress at the restaurant during Season 1.

Although Scheana has seemingly been quite catty with her co-star, Dayna said she would be cool with Scheana in two seconds if she cold just get over herself. However, because Scheana continues to make the drama between them “a thing,” it has been impossible for Dayna to make any sort of positive progress with her.

Dayna went on to say that she doesn’t need to kiss Scheana’s behind at work and would tell her to “f**k off” is she continues to mistreat her at their workplace.

In response to Dayna’s comments, Jax said he likes her attitude.

During the premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules Season 8 last month, it was revealed that Scheana and Jax are the only original cast members who still work at SUR Restaurant.


While Dayna revealed she was dating Max on the first episode of the season and has continued to date him in the episodes since, despite the ongoing warnings from her co-stars, who believe Max is a bit of a playboy, Dayna recently confirmed that she and Max are no longer an item.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Dayna and Max offered the relationship update during an interview with Entertainment Tonight‘s Brice Sander in January.

“Well she works for me at TomTom again now so… We’re cool. We’re cordial,” Max explained, per YouTube.

As viewers saw weeks ago, Dayna began working at SUR Restaurant as a waitress after previously working as a hostess at TomTom, where Max works as the general manager.

“We’re cool,” Dayna agreed.

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