T-Mobile To End Contract Billing

T-Mobile, the wireless phone service provider, is putting an end to their contract billing.

T-Mobile has apparently done away with contracts today, following an earlier decision to allow customers to choose between a two-year contract and no contract. This is all part of a broader plan by CEO John Legere, as announced at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) press conference in January.

New changes started today included options on T-Mobile‘s website offering month-to-month unlimited talk and text plans on a graded scale. The scale shows how much data can be freely used per month, with 500 MB for $50 a month, 2 GB for $60 a month, and so on. The more you pay, the more internet usage you can get with your phone for no additional charge. With lesser mobile options out there such as Straight Talk and Boost already offering the month to month unlimited plan, it’s about time the major carriers stepped up their game.

After all, not all mobile phones will work for two years.

The monthly cost includes a portion of the usage fee. Simply put, you’re paying for your smartphone as you go, so if you bought one of the most expensive types, you’ll be paying the additional fee for quite a while. This may lessen the burden of paying extensive prices up front, so more people can use the phone without having to save up.

T-Mobile is also planning to get going on a 4G LTE option, something that most other wireless providers already offer. 4G LTE is the fastest mobile internet speed available and allows the phone to be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

At a press conference planned for Tuesday, March 26, T-Mobile is planning to announce further steps to be a wireless company that “doesn’t act like one anymore.”

Basically, the wireless provider is expected to make some big changes for the benefit of its customers, and hopefully bring it back from being the worst of the mobile providers. Hopefully a more intuitive customer service will help as well?

What do you think about T-Mobile ending its contract billing?

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