Peter Weber Has Questions For Victoria Fuller & ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers Suggest Things Get Intense

The Bachelor spoilers for Episode 6 airing Wednesday night reveal that Victoria Fuller will get to spend more quality time with Peter Weber. She already had one individual date, and now she will be the first lady of the season to get a second one-on-one. However, this outing apparently will have some challenging moments for the pair.

Peter will have two one-on-one dates during Episode 6, along with a group date and an impromptu two-on-one. The Bachelor spoilers from ABC indicate that Peter and Victoria’s date will be shown after both Hannah Ann Sluss’ one-on-one and the group date.

ABC teases that Peter and Victoria will have a wonderful time together during the daytime portion of their date. They will spend the day with horses and check out a rodeo, but The Bachelor spoilers indicate that dinner will bring some complications.

“[H]e is blindsided by the woman’s personal fears about the possibility of a future together and is worried she won’t be there for him in the end,” details ABC of Victoria’s evening with Peter.

A sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly shows how intense this dinner will get. Peter will admit that an earlier conversation between them left him with some doubts and he will explain that he is anxious to figure out if what is developing between them is what he thinks it is.

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Peter will mention that Victoria often seems to put a wall up between them. At the same time, he shares, he feels as if she’s feeling the same things he is and he believes that she sees the same growth potential for their romance that he does.

Victoria will react by covering her face with her hands and fidgeting some, and this will lead Peter to ask if she really wants to be there. This will rattle her even further and she’ll cut him off and say she feels like she’s going to throw up.

As the conversation intensifies, The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Victoria will leave the table. The sneak peek then shows that she and a producer will talk off-camera, with the producer asking Victoria if she really wants to go home.

In response, Victoria will say that she doesn’t know. She’ll continue by telling the producer that this is so hard and that she doesn’t know what to say.

Will Victoria quit? Spoiler king Reality Steve says that she won’t. In fact, his Instagram post with Episode 6 teasers indicates that Peter will end up giving her a rose before the date is over.

Despite the tensions that brew during Victoria and Peter’s one-on-one, The Bachelor spoilers hint that she will be sticking around for a while. Things are getting serious and Peter is asking a lot of questions, but fans will have to stay tuned to see if he ends up finding lasting love.

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