Runescape 3 Arriving This Summer [Video]

Runescape 3 has just been announced by Jagex games and the newest version of the series will be available this summer. Runescape is browser based MMO that has a devoted following, so devoted in fact that violence has actually occurred outside the game world from time to time.

In a recent video released by Jagex, the executive producer known as Mod Pips announced the new game and gave up some details along the way. The producer said that this particular version will be a “massive” improvement on all fronts and will build on the last 12 years as the game has moved forward.

Runescape 3 won’t be an entirely new addition to the game series but rather something that actually improves and adds on to what is already there. The developers have said that this version will take more advantage of HTML5 and WebGL in its build.

One nice caveat in the announcement of this third installment is that players will be able to continue using their old avatars when this is finally released. Mod Pips said that the main way the game will change is the way in which players experience the game world.

The graphics will be better and the action will be smoother. The gameplay itself is being billed as quite a bit more immersive. Jagex believes that players will feel quite a bit more like they are directly involved in the game.

There was also talk on the announcement video that the game world will be entering the “sixth age” and that once there, some new issues, heroes and villains will pop up.

The game developers have promised more details in the coming weeks. Runescape has been a high quality MMO for quite a while now and even made a list of the 50 best games of all time as voted on by readers of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Check out more details about Runescape 3 in the announcement video below.

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