‘Vikings’ Star Alexander Ludwig Surprises Fans By Releasing His First Country Song

While many may know Alexander Ludwig as the actor who plays Bjorn Ironside in History Channel’s hit historical drama series, Vikings, it turns out he is also a singer, according to Metro.

A recent Instagram post alerted fans that the actor might also have another gig. However, prior to that, many fans had no idea that the Canadian actor and model could also carry a tune.

On his official Instagram account, Ludwig posted an image of what appears to be an album cover with the title of the song, “Let Me Be Your Whiskey,” emblazoned across the picture.

“My first single is now on Spotify and all other platforms,” Ludwig announced.

While many fans seemed surprised at the music choice, Ludwig noted in the caption that country music has always been a “huge part” of his life. He also pointed out that he has made several trips to Nashville over the past year in the lead up to the release. Ludwig then went on to thank Tully Kennedy and Kurt Allison for help with his new song.

As to when an album will follow? Ludwig states that there is “more to come in the next few months,” a possible hint that a full album is on its way.

While fans may have been surprised at the sudden musical debut, they also showed their support in the comments section of Alexander’s Instagram account.

“Country Viking,” said one follower.

“Was wonderful my man. A hell yess from Norway. Keep chasing the dreams.”

“I’ve listened to this so many times, favourite on my playlist,” said another fan.

Alexander’s fellow Vikings co-star, Marco Ilso, was also quick to comment on the announcement, using four fire emoji to convey his thoughts.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ludwig is currently appearing on Vikings as Bjorn Ironside, the current leader of Kattegat and who has had to ask an enemy for help in the lead up to the midseason finale after the Rus are revealed to be planning an attack on Scandinavia. Viewers are already speculating about what will happen in the next episode after Bjorn asked King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) for assistance. However, it is the fact that his half-brother, Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) will help lead the attack by the Rus that has fans speculating whether one of these characters might die when the episode airs on Wednesday night.

Fans can listen to Alexander’s new song via Spotify.

The midseason finale of History Channel’s Vikings airs on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. EST.

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