WWE Spoilers: Roman Reigns May Have Revealed ‘WrestleMania 36’ Match

Roman Reigns didn’t win this year’s Royal Rumble match, but he appears to be eyeing a Universal Championship match. As quoted by Sportskeeda, the WWE superstar spoke to Matt Camp ahead of last night’s Super Bowl and hinted at a possible match with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36.

“Well I mean, you gotta give a lot of respect to Drew, he capitalized, it was a pretty clutch performance on his behalf, but he chose Brock. So that leaves an opening for the Universal Championship, so I think that’s going to make SmackDown on Friday nights very interesting because we have a lot of stories to tell and we got to get to that point, so there can be a lot that can go down in the next couple months.”

Reigns has been out of the title picture since being forced to relinquish the Universal Championship in 2018, which was due to him having to take time off to enter treatment for leukemia. In that time, Wyatt has become one of the biggest stars in the company, and he’s defeated several of the blue brand’s biggest stars.

Another report by Sportskeeda notes that a match between Reigns and Wyatt at WrestleMania 36 has been in the works for a year now. Furthermore, the match seems even more likely now given Wyatt’s unexpected rise in popularity during 2019.

A match between Wyatt and Reigns makes sense since it’s the next natural heel versus babyface feud. However, Reigns is a controversial superstar who many fans feel has been overexposed to the title picture in recent years, so if he does challenge Wyatt, there will likely be some criticism from the fans — if he defeats “The Fiend.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Reigns’ recent feud with Baron Corbin was supposedly booked as a placeholder storyline before “The Big Dog” goes on another title hunt. Corbin was the clear heel in that rivalry due to the amount of resentment he’s garnered from the WWE Universe, but should Reigns enter a storyline with Wyatt, he might not be cheered by the fans.

It remains to be seen what WWE has in mind for Reigns and Wyatt going into WrestleMania, but the signs should become more apparent in the coming weeks. At the time of this writing, the Reigns and Corbin feud is still ongoing, but it’s surely in its final stages since the rivalry been a fixture on WWE television for months now.

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