Sara Underwood Sits In Her Cabin To Reflect On Her Minimalist Lifestyle: ‘Going Back To Basics Has Been Good’

Sara Underwood does not always flaunt her rocking body for her Instagram posts. Sometimes she puts the attention on her simple lifestyle rather than her enviable curves, which was the case on Monday. That was when the 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year shared a picture of herself as she held court inside the 90-square-foot cabin she lives in with her boyfriend, Jacob Witzling, the wizard architect behind that tiny home and many others that will soon be ready to be occupied.

In her most recent Instagram update, Sara sat inside her little residence that includes one main room under a pitched roof covered in moss and ferns. The wooden structure looked inviting, with the main door opened to reveal the model-entrepreneur stretched out on a wingback chair while tucking her legs up on the seat.

She rocked a red woolen cap, a white top, a pair of weathered jeans, and no shoes as she appeared to be reading a book. An overhead fixture offered Sara the perfect light source she needed to make out the words, while an outside fixture led the way to the entrance of the cabin.

In the caption of the update, the 35-year-old stunner turned serious as she talked about living the simple life in such a “tight space” for the past year. She admitted that she has grown from the experience and that she doesn’t need much more to be happy, except for the ability to have bug spray at hand during the warmer months.

Sara’s most recent post shared with her 9.2 million followers caught plenty of attention. Within an hour of being shared, her social media update earned more than 10,000 likes and nearly 100 comments.

“How do we go about renting one of your cabins?” asked one follower, who added a heart-eye face emoji.

“We are purely in construction mode right now,” replied Sara, who added a happy face emoji.

“It really teaches us how to go back to our tribal roots and thrive rather than survive,” stated a second follower, who received a “yes” from Sara.

“This is such a cozy aesthetic! You’re living my dream!” remarked a third Instagram user, who added a heart-eye face and a double pink heart emoji.

“Living small gives a much bigger appreciation for things. Suddenly, rooms with doors, bathrooms that flush, plentiful outlets, and a full-size fridge are magical and luxurious,” said a fourth fan, who added a man riding a bike, a teepee, and a blue butterfly emoji.

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