‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Monday: Kyle Stuns Lola

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, February 3, shows Kyle telling Lola about his and Summer’s kiss in San Francisco while Theo and Summer discuss the situation. Plus, Victoria confronts Amanda, and Jack isn’t sure about Billy’s new life plans.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) stopped by Newman Enterprises to let Victoria (Amelia Heinle) know about Billy’s (Jason Thompson) bar fight. Victoria was surprised to hear that Amanda (Mishael Morgan) bailed him out. Nikki revealed that Victor (Eric Braeden) had Billy followed, and she handed Victoria pictures of Billy and Amanda together. The two women both felt it was awfully convenient that he moved into the same hotel that Amanda is staying in. Victoria let Nikki know that she’s doing okay, and she encouraged her mother to go to Europe ahead of the Newman Enterprises 50th-anniversary gala.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Amanda discussed his arrest. She informed him that nobody will press charges against him. However, the lawyer advised her client to keep away from the bar. He wanted to talk about their friendship, but Amanda kept things professional, and they parted ways.

Later Victoria and Amanda met at The Grand Phoenix. Victoria confronted the lawyer about her relationship with Billy, telling her all about his past and history with addiction — all of which she didn’t know. Amanda told Victoria that she is not romantically interested in Billy, but Victoria remained unconvinced. In the end, Victoria said she wasn’t wasting another minute of her life on Billy, and she advised Amanda to do the same.

At Lola (Sasha Calle) and Kyle’s (Michael Mealor), he worked from home. She came in and offered a distraction, which was turned down. After that, Lola confronted him about acting differently since his trip to San Francisco. Ultimately, Kyle admitted that he and Summer kissed, but he reiterated that nothing else happened. However, as they continued to argue, he complained that Theo (Tyler Johnson) is in Lola’s head the same way that Summer is in his. That inadvertent admission left Lola stunned and upset.

At Jabot, Summer confronted Theo about a bad social media post from one of their influencers, saying he’d been too distracted. Theo ended up deleting the post. Meanwhile, Billy showed up at the cosmetics company to talk to Jack (Peter Bergman). He explained that he’s living life on his terms now, and Jack felt concerned that his brother is falling back into addiction and gambling. Jack promised to be there when it all came crashing down, and Billy wasn’t thrilled with that reaction.

At Society, Theo needled Summer until she admitted she’d kissed Kyle. He couldn’t believe that Kyle is playing both Lola and Summer. Later, he accused Summer of hoping he’d be the one to break up Kyle’s marriage with the news.

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