‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Talks Sobriety On Instagram, Reveals Who Decided She Should Get Sober

Lala Kent opened up about her decision to get sober on Instagram over the weekend.

As plenty prepared for their Super Bowl parties by stocking up on alcoholic beverages, the Vanderpump Rules star explained why she felt the need to get sober and revealed who it was that prompted her decision.

After telling her followers that she hit a breaking point last year in which she needed to come to terms with the fact that she is an alcoholic before losing everything, she began to realize that she was completely powerless over alcohol and that it was time for her to put in the work necessary to get sober.

“I started reading the Big Book, going to meeting and working very hard to never go back to that drunken version of myself. After 30 days I knew I wanted to be sober forever, and it was entirely up to me- no one else. That was very empowering,” Kent explained, making sure to point out that no one pressured her to make the decision.

After spending the past year and four months sober, Kent said she’s enjoying her newfound life but remembering that she is a human who loves to drink “a lot.”

Since Kent has accepted the fact that she is an alcoholic, she’s been active in making sure that her goal of sobriety is always at the forefront of her mind, and in moments of weakness, she stays home and prepares for the potential challenges of the next day.

“I will do anything in my power to stay sober,” she wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kent also opened up about her sobriety in November of last year while attending the first BravoCon fan convention in New York City with her Vanderpump Rules co-stars, noting that she began relying on alcohol after her dad’s unexpected death in April 2018.

“I went back to filming two and a half weeks later. I went to bed with a bottle next to me and woke up with a bottle of warm champagne to chug next to me. It was my medicine,” Kent admitted, according to a November 18 report from People Magazine.

Also during the appearance, Kent admitted that she wasn’t able to fully process the loss of her father until after she got sober in September 2018. Since then, she has been going about her life in the best way she can, all while making a point to avoid alcohol at all costs.

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