‘General Hospital’ February Spoilers: Nina & Ava Seemingly Become Fast Friends

Last week on General Hospital, Ava headed to Crimson to check up on how Nina was doing. There was a confrontation with Valentin as he tried to creep back into Nina’s life, and that had Ava hot under the collar. She was doing her best to coach the Crimson editor into not letting her ex get into her head again. These two women seem to have forged a connection recently, and spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that they will continue to confide in each other this month.

Nina teased Ava on her needing a friend. Ava doesn’t have any pals, and despite their past history with each other, they seem to get along pretty well. The women pulled together to get revenge on Valentin, but it hasn’t been as easy for Nina as it has been for Ava. Ava senses her conflicted feelings towards Valentin, and she is ready to be there for her. Nina is a little more reluctant, but she is warming up to the idea.

General Hospital spoilers tease that by the middle of February, Nina will confide in her newfound friend about something. Will it be about Jasper Jacks? Ava already knows that there are sparks between him and Nina after she walked in on them in Nina’s office. They had just shared a kiss, but Jax pulled away, thinking that it just wasn’t the right time. Plus, he is her boss.

More spoilers indicate that Nina will still be trying to get Valentin off her mind, and in order to do that, she may be romancing Jax in the process. Things are also expected to take a dark turn for Valentin this month, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr. It could have something to do with Nina and Jax. Or Valentin’s dark side may come into play when Helena Cassadine returns this month.

Ava could also confide in Nina about her marriage to Nikolas. Everyone seems to know that the couple didn’t marry out of love, and that includes Nina. Ava has never really formed much of a friendship with another woman, but it may be just what she needs right now.

General Hospital fans seem to love Ava and Nina working together to take Valentin down. Ava is pretty good at what she does, and it appears that she is teaching Nina a thing or two about how it all works. She seems to care whether Nina takes Valentin back or not, and that may make for a fun female BFF pairing in the near future. They could certainly do some damage together.

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