‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Neil Decides To Fight To Get His License Back, With Help From Alexis

There has been high drama on General Hospital over the past couple of weeks, but Neil and Alexis haven’t been one of the big storylines lately. The last time fans got to see this budding couple was almost a month ago when Neil came back to Port Charles with some disturbing news. He was losing his medical license because of his relationship with Alexis. She will soon be fighting in court for him, and that means no romance for them at all.

How long will that last? These two are obviously smitten with each other. Neil was ready to give it all up for Alexis, but being the practical one, she chose to instead convince him that he should fight to get back to what he loves. He was ready to choose her over his job, but that didn’t sit well with Alexis.

According to General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps for the middle of February, she will be doing her best to find a way for him to continue being a therapist, which also means that their relationship will be dissolved.

However, their feelings toward each other are still there, and down the road, they may not be able to fight those feelings. Many viewers have totally warmed up to the Neil-Alexis pairing. After her relationship with Julian Jerome went sour, fans are happy that she now has a steady man in her life that is outside of the mob, but the spoilers for the next few weeks don’t look promising for this couple.

There are still some viewers who would rather see Alexis back with Julian instead of Neil. As The Inquisitr had detailed, General Hospital fans are quite divided on which man is better for her in the long run. There has always been chemistry between her and Julian, but many feel that Neil is a much better choice for her. They have a sweet and meaningful relationship, and that’s what Alexis needs.

There are no guarantees that Neil will win the case against him. He may end up choosing Alexis instead of getting his license back. But will Alexis choose him? During their last conversation, Alexis didn’t take the bait when Neil hinted that he would rather be with her than to get his job back, but her mind was set that she will help him fight it. He walked out the door and hasn’t been seen since.

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