WWE Rumors: Company Cracking Down On Information And Storyline Leaks

Back in the days of WWE vs. WCW, surprise appearances and shocking signings were something that made events even more entertaining. The evolution of social media has made it virtually impossible for fans to not know what is coming, but WWE is doing whatever possible to change that. The company is reportedly cracking down on information leaks and doesn’t want storylines getting out early.

Social media and industry websites are a big part of what ruins the mystery of professional wrestling.

More and more wrestling websites are popping up, and classic sites are getting bigger, and that is one facet of how surprises are ruined. The bigger issue is that wrestling reporters have to get their information from somewhere, and that means having sources on the inside that are feeding them the spoiler content.

Fightful Select, by way of Ringside News, reported that WWE is taking much stronger measures to keep information from leaking out. Vince McMahon and Triple H have both been vocal about those on the inside no longer giving information out and keeping it within the company.

According to the report, superstars weren’t happy about the stricter rules being put in place, but they know they’ll have to follow them.

This past Wednesday, before NXT went on the air on the USA Network, a meeting was held with management and the talent. Those on the NXT roster were told not to speak to wrestling “dirt sheets” and that this rule was going to be strictly enforced.

Rumor has it that many of the superstars in NXT “weren’t keen on the message” being instructed to them. Many wrestling websites will give some pull or even pay for big story leaks, but it could end up costing the superstars their job if they’re caught.

It’s hard to know if WWE will be able to stop all the storyline leaks. The return of Edge at the Royal Rumble was a big surprise to many, but there had been rumors of it happening for months leading up to the actual pay-per-view.

Vince McMahon has never liked having storylines and information leaked to wrestling sites or the public before they take place in WWE. Back in the “Attitude Era” of wrestling, surprise returns and signings were often something that generated huge ratings and increased viewership. The new rules put in place will be strictly enforced, but only time will tell if the leaks can be stopped completely.

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