WWE Rumors: Major Changes To Title Feud As Original Plans Blown Off

For a few years now, Braun Strowman has dominated the ring in WWE and taken out some of the biggest names in the company. Still, a singles title continued to elude him until this past week when he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship on Friday Night SmackDown. It was a bit of a sudden an anti-climatic victory, but that is due to the company changing up plans that had the feud going on much longer.

Over on the blue brand, Shinsuke Nakamura had held the Intercontinental Title for quite some time and created a pretty strong stable. Sami Zayn was partnered with him months ago as a bit of a spokesperson, and they had recently added Cesaro to their entourage of talent.

Nakamura has successfully defended his title on a number of occasions, even though not all of them were always legal. On Friday night, he was scheduled to take on Braun Strowman in a title match that was scheduled out of nowhere and no-one really expected a championship change to take place.

All of a sudden, the “Monster Among Men” ended up pulling off an upset victory out of nowhere and winning the title. If this came as a shock to many fans, they aren’t the only ones, but WWE had originally planned for their title feud to go on for quite a bit longer.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, WWE had plans to have a “long program” between Strowman and Nakamura. There might have actually been a chance that the feud would continue on until WrestleMania 36 in early April, but “they blew that off right away.”

It’s not yet known if the feud is still going to continue but with a different superstar now holding the championship belt. As many know, Triple H took away the “mandatory rematch” stipulation for former champions some time ago, and that means Nakamura won’t necessarily get a chance to win his title back soon.

This week on Friday Night SmackDown, there will probably be much more telling information as to the direction of Braun Strowman and his new title. It could end up being Nakamura who feuds with him to get the title back or WWE may have something else in mind entirely.

Plans for WrestleMania 36 are really starting to be put in place with just about two months to go until the big event. There may be bigger plans in place for Braun Strowman as he could head into the huge pay-per-view with the WWE Intercontinental Title still wrapped around his waist.

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