WWE News: Matt Hardy Shares Thoughts On Former Real-Life Nemesis Returning To Company

Matt Hardy and Edge have a storied history both in the ring and outside of it. They have been real-life rivals and fictional ones, but, at the end of the day, they helped each other become major stars in WWE as a result. During a recent episode of His Thoughts on the Throne, by the way of 411Mania, Hardy also shared his thoughts on “The Rated R Superstar” returning to the squared circle at last weekend’s Royal Rumble show, and he appeared to enjoy seeing the Hall of Famer in action again.

However, while most fans were happy to see Edge return to wrestling after being forced to retire because of a seemingly career-ending neck injury in 2011, it has raised some questions about how veteran superstars are used. While Edge didn’t win the match, it’s possible that he’ll go over younger superstars in upcoming storylines. According to Hardy, however, age shouldn’t matter when it comes to pro wrestling.

“Something I’ve seen recently online, probably on wrestling Twitter more than anything else, [the question of] should old guys beat young guys? Or should the young guys, the young talent, always beat the older talent or the veterans? You know, it’s like a big debate that goes on. And it comes down to this: age is really irrelevant. If you can still go in the ring, if you’re still entertaining, and you’re still good and you have a lot to contribute to the show on a full-time basis, age is irrelevant.”

During his discussion, Hardy also defended Brock Lesnar’s dominance of other WWE superstars during the Rumble match. The Universal Champion entered at number one and eliminated 13 roster members until Drew McIntyre arrived and kicked him to the floor. In the eyes of some fans and pundits, however, Lesnar buried several superstars.

According to Hardy, though, it was important for the champion to make an impact. On top of that, McIntyre eliminating Lesnar was a “star-making” moment for the rising star. McIntyre eventually won the match, but him getting rid of “The Beast” has set up an interesting feud heading into WrestleMania.

While Edge returning to the company has made for some exciting television, it’s unlikely that he and Hardy will feature in any more memorable storylines with each other. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Hardy looks set to leave WWE next month after being overlooked for almost a year. He is also expected to join All Elite Wrestling.

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