Mike Bloomberg Claps Back At Donald Trump For ‘Fake Hair, Obesity, Spray-On Tan,’ After ‘Mini Mike’ Tweet

As former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has risen to fourth in the Democratic 2020 presidential race, according to an average of all polls compiled by Real Clear Politics, he has drawn the attention of Donald Trump. Though Bloomberg remains an extreme long shot to take the Democratic nomination, Trump tweeted insults at him three times in 12 hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

But Bloomberg, through a campaign spokesperson, fired back on Sunday morning, following the release of an excerpt from a Fox News interview with Trump set to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast on the Fox Network.

Trump, specifically, took aim at Bloomberg’s height, which is reportedly five-feet, eight inches, slapping him with the appellation “Mini Mike.” Trump claimed in a Saturday night tweet that Bloomberg is in negotiations with the Democratic National Committee to allow him to stand on a box if he takes part in any candidates’ debates so that he appears to be the same height as other male candidates.

The first clip from the Super Bowl interview features Trump — rather than discussing issues such as health care, foreign policy, or his impeachment trial — again sniping at Bloomberg’s height and repeating his unsupported assertion that Bloomberg hopes to stand on a box during debates.


When asked by Fox News host Sean Hannity what he thinks of Bloomberg, Trump replied, “Very little,” as quoted by the political blog DeadState. Trump went on to say, “There’s nothing wrong. You can be short. Why should he get a box to stand on?”

But Bloomberg campaign spokesperson Julie Wood replied to Trump, in a statement sent to CNN correspondent Daniel Dale, who posted the reply on his Twitter account. Trump, Wood said, is “lying.”

“He is a pathological liar who lies about everything,” Wood continued in the statement. “His fake hair, his obesity, and his spray-on tan.”

According to revelations from employees at Trump’s resorts, The Inquisitr has reported, Trump’s distinctive orange-tinted skin tone derives not from a spray-on tan, but from tubes of a “rust colored” makeup marketed under the brand name “Bronx Colors.”

The former Trump housekeepers said that Trump demanded three tubes of the orange-hued makeup be available to him in his bedrooms at all times. Two of those tubes must be full, while the third tube was required by Trump to be only half-full, according to the accounts of the housekeepers, who were undocumented immigrants from Central and South America.

After his campaign spokesperson issued the statement regarding Trump’s physical appearance, Bloomberg issued a somewhat more restrained statement under his own name, saying that Trump “lies about everything.”

“I stand twice as tall as he does on the stage that matters,” Bloomberg added, as quoted by DeadState.

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