‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Kyle And Lola’s Marriage Blows Up

The Young and the Restless spoilers weekly video preview shows a week filled with a soapy quadrangle that will soon explode when Lola finds out about Kyle and Summer’s kiss, and Theo makes his move on Lola.

What happened in San Francisco between Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Summer (Hunter King) did not stay in San Francisco. They shared a passionate kiss, and once the exes returned to reality in Genoa City, they decided not to speak of it again. However, Theo (Tyler Johnson) overheard that conversation, and now he knows. Plus, Kyle’s conscience is not going to allow him to keep the details from Lola.

Lola can sense that something is off with Kyle, and she is certain something happened with Summer. She can feel Kyle’s guilt, and she is tired of ignoring the whole thing. However, her imagination is undoubtedly coming up with much worse scenarios than what actually happened. Eventually, Lola confronts Kyle, and he confesses what happened. Unfortunately for Kyle, though, he also blames Lola for being too friendly with Theo, and he inadvertently makes an admission about Summer being in his head, which will cause significant issues for the couple.

Meanwhile, Theo goads Summer into admitting that she and Kyle kissed, and Theo accuses Kyle of playing both Lola and Summer at the same time. Then, he continues, accusing Summer of hoping that Theo will take the details he now knows and blow up Kyle and Lola’s marriage for her. Although Theo and Summer aren’t together anymore, and he clearly wants Lola, Theo might not be willing to do Summer’s dirty work for her.

Of course, neither Theo nor Summer realizes that Kyle confessed to Lola, so there isn’t a secret left to keep anymore. Although Kyle professed to want to make things work with Lola recently, he certainly makes a mistake by telling Lola that Summer is in his head. Meanwhile, while Lola is at a vulnerable moment, Theo is there, and the two end up sharing a kiss, which is not going to do anything to help Lola and Kyle’s relationship. The animosity between Kyle and Theo runs deep, and it seems highly unlikely that Kyle will be willing to overlook Lola’s indiscretion with his former friend, turned enemy. Kyle is hypocritical in that, though, because he wants Lola to ignore his kiss with Summer. It looks like these two are at an impasse, and the honeymoon is indeed over.

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