‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Takes On A New Job & Liz May Not Be Too Happy About It

Franco and Liz will be back on screen soon, and that will make many General Hospital fans very happy. This fan-favorite couple has been through a lot. Liz just got her husband back, but they haven’t been seen much at all since then. Spoilers had teased that they would both be somehow affected by Nikolas Cassadine’s return from the dead and that has viewers scratching their heads. Now more teasers have come out that may explain things more clearly.

Franco and Ava had been involved in the past and are now friends. Liz just found out that Nik was the one who lured her sister Hayden out of town to protect Violet, as The Inquisitr had previously detailed. She is angry that he would be so insensitive to keep a child away from her mother. Now Franco is about to get involved with the Cassadines, or at least with the new Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine. General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps indicates that Liz and Franco’s marriage will be affected by another couple that are having marital trouble. It appears that this couple is actually Nik and Ava.

Ava only married her prince to get hold of his money and the title of being a Cassadine. She is enjoying every moment of toying with her new husband. According to the newest print issue of Soap Opera Digest, Franco will head to Wyndemere to talk to Ava. Liz is sure to let her husband in on what Nik did to Hayden and that may not sit well with Franco.

In the process of his visit, Ava comes up with a brilliant idea. She wants a portrait done of herself, and the artist will be standing right in front of her. Helena’s portrait that everyone hated has been destroyed, so Ava thinks that she is the perfect replacement for a new one and she wants Franco to do it. The spoilers have given no indication on how this will all go down, but Ava may just come up with a way to make her husband jealous using Franco.

Whatever happens, Liz will be trying to support Franco as the artist, but it’s hinted that she may secretly be keeping an eye on things. She won’t be totally thrilled that he is getting in the middle of Nik and Ava’s chaotic marriage.

New episodes of General Hospital had been preempted for quite a few days due to the Trump impeachment coverage, but it looks like they are back and fans are keeping their fingers crossed that there will be no more interruptions of their favorite soap. ABC will keep everyone informed if there is expected to be any more interruptions in the future.

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