WWE News: Former Champions Rip Fans After Requesting Their Release Again

Many superstars have been granted their release requests by WWE in the last year, but some have remained under contract with the company. Luke Harper, Sin Cara, Tye Dillinger, and others have all been granted their releases, but not The Revival. The former Raw Tag Team Champions have once again asked for their releases, and this time, their focus has turned to the fans who have turned against them.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have had their ups and downs during the time spent on the WWE main roster. They’ve had multiple runs with the tag team titles, but they’ve also been used as comedic relief, much to the chagrin of many fans and other superstars.

Last year, the tag team asked for their releases, which were not granted. As reported by The Inquisitr, they have once again asked to be let out of their contracts, as they are unhappy with their positions in the company.

It has been speculated that their current deals expire in April, but Dash Wilder reportedly had time added to his contract due to time missed in 2016 because of a broken jaw.

Scott Dawson took to Twitter to address the recent complaints of many fans.

Anyone who has followed wrestling for any length of time knows that fans are usually quite hypocritical and wishy-washy. Fans want the best for some of their favorites, but they also don’t want to see them leave a company to which they’ve pledged their loyalty.

The Revival has certainly seen better times during their run in WWE, and that is why they’re seeking their releases to go elsewhere. All Elite Wrestling has often been mentioned or hinted at on social media as a possible destination, but nothing would be confirmed until or unless it actually happens.

Loyal WWE fans don’t want to see Dawson and Wilder leave for another company, even though better opportunities may await them there. It’s not even a definite that they would go to AEW, but it would be one of many options for them to look at.

The Revival had filed trademarks for “Shatter Machine,” the name of their finishing move, and “#FTRKO” as reported by Wrestling Inc. Obviously, they have been planning for their future outside of WWE. If it happens before their contracts are scheduled to expire in April remains to be seen. If they do leave WWE, will their fans follow them to AEW or another promotion?

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