Kaley Cuoco Was Shocked When She Learned What Her Husband Karl Cook Was Using To Wash His Hair

Kaley Cuoco headed to Palm Beach, Florida to visit her husband, equestrian Karl Cook, over the weekend, and she was alarmed to discover that he did not have human shampoo in his bathroom shower.

On Saturday, the former star of The Big Bang Theory took to Instagram to share her latest episode of A Cup of Cuoco with her followers. Because Kaley was visiting Karl, he agreed to appear on the show with her.

Karl is in Florida for a show jumping competition, and he brought one of his and Kaley’s beloved pet pit bulls, Blueberry, with him. The crafty canine showed off her impressive hiding skills in a video that Karl shared on Instagram last weekend, and she could be heard loudly lapping up water in the background as Kaley and Karl chatted.

While Kaley was happy to see her husband and Blueberry, she was not so happy to learn that her pet pooch was the only resident of Karl’s rental who had her own bottle of shampoo.

“So, I go into the shower, and I see dog shampoo and a Dove bar, a Dove soap bar,” Kaley recounted. “And I’m like, ‘Babe, where’s the shampoo?’ and he’s like, ‘Oh, I’ve just been using the Dove soap bar.'”

According to an incredulous Kaley, her husband had been using the bar of soap to wash his hair for three weeks. She then acted appalled that Karl expected her to use the same bar of soap to wash her own “beautiful mane” during her visit. Kaley had left her hair wild and untamed for the video, and she initially indicated that she simply wasn’t going to wash it for the entirety of her stay.

Karl argued that “shampoo is soap, just with a different name.” He also told his wife that she would have used the Dove soap to wash her hair if he’d have told her that it was a shampoo bar. A laughing Kaley insisted that there was no such thing as a shampoo bar, but she later admitted that this was wrong. Some of her Instagram followers informed her that shampoo bars do, in fact, exist, and Kaley responded to these fans by saying that she might try one out.

“Im hearing there are shampoo soap bars and they are better for the planet!” Kaley wrote. “I will be looking into this – Thank you for your comments!”

Near the end of her video, Kaley said that she was going to go search for something other than a bar of soap to wash her hair with, and Karl reminded her that he had a bottle of “medicated dog shampoo” that she could use. Kaley didn’t even dignify this suggestion with a response.

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