Second Grader’s Angry Recount Of Her Perfect Attendance Pencil Being Stolen By A Classmate Goes Viral

A woman named Tabitha Garcia recently pulled out her phone and began recording her daughter, Taylor, after picking her up from school. She ended up recording a hilarious video that has since gone viral on Instagram. Taylor, a second grader, told her mother in great detail about how her very special pink pencil she earned for having perfect attendance was snatched by one of her classmates. The adorable yet comical video is bringing a smile to thousands of people’s faces, according to Today.

Little Taylor stared up at the camera in complete seriousness when she recalled how she had placed her prized pencil in a special box in her second grade classroom the day before so that it could be sharpened. When she went to retrieve it, she was utterly shocked at what she found. Her beloved pink pencil was nowhere in sight.

“I went to get my pencil, and guess what I saw? Nothing but yellow, plain old pencils! I couldn’t find my perfect attendance pencil,” she told her mother in exasperation.

She then informed her mother that she knew exactly who the pencil-snatching culprit was. It was one of her classmates named Lizzie, whom she had seen using the pencil to do homework that day. However, Taylor was well aware that Lizzie could not have earned the perfect attendance pencil because she’d recently been away from school for a trip to Canada. This particular fact Taylor reiterated several times, much to the amusement of viewers.

Taylor was determined to get her pencil back, but Lizzie wasn’t ready to oblige. The little girl then turned to her teacher for assistance, but didn’t achieve the results she was hoping for.

“I told the teacher and she didn’t do anything. She never changes even a thing, it was just the same thing,” she said.

At the end of the video, Taylor’s mother calmly reminded her that this was just a mere pencil that could easily be replaced and that it didn’t do anything that ordinary pencils can’t do.

This only further infuriated the little girl who stomped her foot in anger, repeating, “It’s a perfect attendance pencil!”

The video, which was originally shared on her mother’s Instagram page, quickly gained over 100,000 views, with many people commenting on it and some even offering to buy the girl a new special pencil.

The little girl’s candidness when discussing the pencil-stealing fiasco is warming many people’s hearts — as did the candidness of a young girl in a viral clip from 2017, who let it slip that she was permitted to watch the gory television show The Walking Dead. The hilarious admission also quickly went viral, according to The Inquisitr.

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