Lindsay Lohan Still Drinking Even After Being Sentenced To Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is still drinking despite being sentenced to a 90-day stint in a locked-down rehab facility.

The actress was seen at a bar in Beverly Hills this week just hours after appearing in court for a hearing. Apparently untroubled by her situation, Lohan was still drinking vodka sodas even after being admonished in court for her excessive alcohol consumption.

But that’s not all. Lohan was later seen at a club in San Diego called FLUXX later in the week, putting back drinks with a friend at a VIP table. Lohan and a friend reportedly found their way to a VIP table and were ordering vodka on the rocks — served in a special way.

TMZ reported that Lohan wanted the vodka to be placed in a glass carafe, that way there would be no alcoholic bottles on the table.

Some more of Lindsay Lohan’s pre-rehan plans emerged this week. Before she checks in to the court-mandated rehab, the actress will reportedly spend a week with Charlie Sheen in Los Angeles.

During that time she plans shoot an episode of the hit sitcom Anger Management.

Charlie Sheen allegedly believes he can help Lohan, and said her lack of guidance comes from the fact that she does not have a mentor. Given the fact that Charlie has been in legal trouble in the past and has his own problems with substance abuse, he may not be the kind of mentor she needs.

But Sheen has stuck his neck out for Lindsay Lohan in the past. Last year he gave her $100,000 to help her settle a tax lien, which helped form an unlikely alliance between the actors and allowed them to form a stronger relationship. The two had formed a bond while filming Scary Movie 5.

Lohan is still drinking because she reportedly does not see the urgency to stop, insiders say. The actress apparently doesn’t think she has a problem.

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