‘Vanderpump Rules’ Onlooker Claims Stassi Schroeder And Tom Sandoval’s Fight Was Shot Several Times

Some Vanderpump Rules fans have been questioning the authenticity behind Stassi Schroeder and Tom Sandoval‘s blowout fight at TomTom two episodes ago. The duo got into a heated argument over the steps Stassi took in planning her party at the popular West Hollywood bar. Stassi went over plans for the event with Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Schwartz and did not consult Sandoval on what was happening with her book signing. This peeved Sandoval to no end, causing a blowout where Stassi called him “ridiculous” and “egotistical.”

One of Sandoval’s reactions has caused some viewers to take to Twitter and question the legitimacy of the fight. At one point, he appears to be holding in a laugh while Stassi yells at him, which some felt showed that the argument was fake. In addition, an onlooker at the event recently caught up with the hosts of the B*tch Sesh podcast and explained what he saw that day.

“So the book thing starts and then everybody’s–their walkie talkie things started going off and they’re loud enough that you can hear them and they’re like ‘Hey, Tom [Sandoval] is next door,'” attendee Sam Kieffer said. “‘We’re gonna send him in to like storm in.'”

“They just had him storm in and they did that fight five or six times in a row. They just kept having people go back to one,” he continued.

Despite how the scene was apparently shot over and over again, Kieffer made sure to note there was real anger there and that it didn’t seem scripted at all.

“They would be arguing with each other and they’re very mad and then they go ‘Alright, cut!’ And then the two parties just kind of turn away from each other so they’re still fuming,” he noted, saying he was “genuinely impressed” with all of it.

The onlooker also added that the reality stars would be moved into certain positions to get better camera angles, and Stassi and Tom would be told the last line that they said so they could pick up the argument where they left off.

Ariana Madix‘s reaction during the fight had some people thinking everything was staged as she could be seen in the background laughing. She set the record straight on her reaction recently, however, noting it was the suggestion of Sandoval being jealous that had her cracking up.

Vanderpump Rules airs every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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