February 2, 2020
Super Bowl 2020 Betting Odds & How To Place A Bet

Disclaimer: the following is presented for informational purposes only. The Inquisitr is not affiliated with any betting organization or sports book and does not endorse such behavior. Those interested in gambling should consult their local laws and be sure to wager responsibly.

Super Bowl Sunday is not only one of the biggest days in the TV industry, the professional sports industry, and the advertising industry, it's also one of the biggest days in the gambling industry. Bettors love plunking down some money on not only the outcome of the game proper, but on any number of side bets, including even the coin toss!

Here, now, are the betting odds on some of the outcomes, and how to place a bet.

The Chiefs Are Slight Favorites

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 19: Raheem Mostert #31 of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates after winning the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers at Levi's Stadium on January 19, 2020 in Santa Clara, California. The 49ers beat the Packers 37-20. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images | Harry How

As of this writing, the betting odds reflect the belief that the Chiefs will win the game by a spread of 1.5 points, according to The Lines. So what's a spread and how can a team score half a point? The spread is the number of points that a team is expected to win by, in order for those who bet on the team to collect their money.

The Chiefs must win by 1.5 points, effectively 2, in order to cover the spread and spread bets on them to pay out. If they were to win by a single point, then San Francisco, in defeat, would have beat the spread and bettors who wagered on San Francisco would see their wagers paid out.

At current, the Chiefs are -122 and the 49ers are +108 on the money line. With the money line, you're betting on a pure win/loss outcome, without worrying about the end score. The numbers in the money line reflect which team is favored in a counterintuitive manner, with the largest negative indicating the favorite and the smaller negative or positive number indicating the underdog. With the current money line, bettors have to risk $12.20 to potentially win $10 if the Chiefs win. Bettors backing the 49ers would receive $10.80 on a $10 bet if they win.

You Can Also Bet On Any Number Of 'Propositions'

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - JANUARY 20: Damien Williams #26 of the Kansas City Chiefs jumps for a catch against Elandon Roberts #52 of the New England Patriots in the second half during the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium on January 20, 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Getty Images | Patrick Smith

In the gambling industry, a proposition is a bet on something other than the outcome of the actual game. And casinos and sportsbooks across the world are taking action on all manner of propositions, from who will score the game's first touchdown to the outcome of the coin toss.

Here are just a few proposition bets and their odds, strictly by way of example.

Who Will Score The Game's First Touchdown?: The favorite is the Chiefs' Damien Williams, who is averaging around 6:1 odds, according to various sportsbooks.

Will JLO, Shakira, Or Both Twerk During The Halftime Show?: According to Wassau, Wisconsin's WIFC-TV, at least one sportsbook is offering 17:10 odds (that is, bet $10 and win back your bet plus $17) that either woman will twerk during their halftime performance.

Will The Coin Toss Be Heads Or Tails?: According to Newsday, the odds of the outcome of the coin toss are 115:100 (bet $100, win back your bet plus $15) on Tails.

You Can Place A Bet Any Number Of Ways

the sportsbook at a las vegas casino
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Your best bet (no pun intended) is to go to a casino. Almost every casino in the United States, whether it's in Vegas, on an Indian reservation, on a riverboat, or anywhere else in the country, has a sportsbook, where knowledgeable employees will be able to help you make an informed bet.

Failing that, any number of online casinos are willing to take your action, although you may be breaking local laws in doing so (again: check your local laws before attempting to place a bet online). Many brick-and-mortar casinos have an online presence; other websites deal strictly in online gambling. By way of example only, you can go to this list, via Oddsshark, for a sample of some websites that take action online on sports.