‘General Hospital’ February Sweeps Spoilers: Lucas’ Dire Medical Condition Changes Significantly

Spoilers for the February sweeps period are starting to emerge and General Hospital is bringing big developments for fans. Lucas has been in a coma since his car accident with Brad, but soon his condition will change.

Lucas was moved to Turning Woods a while back and he really hasn’t been seen since. Brad is, of course, completely frazzled about his husband’s condition. This week, Willow admitted that she worries about the idea of Brad raising Wiley alone if Lucas never recovers.

Up to this point, General Hospital spoilers haven’t teased anything solid about whether Lucas will recover or not. Luckily, February sweeps teasers are starting to emerge and they contain some major developments about Lucas.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Lucas will regain consciousness sometime soon. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers do not reveal how soon this will happen. Based on the teasers currently available, it seems likely to come during the latter part of February, especially when factoring in the recent preemptions that have the episodes running about a week behind.

As viewers know, seconds before the accident, Brad actually admitted the truth about Wiley to Lucas. Brad had been acting increasingly anxious for months and Lucas pushed his husband to tell the full truth about what had him so frazzled.

Brad dropped the bombshell that Lucas never saw coming and told him that “Wiley” was really Jonah, the biological son of Michael and Nelle. Unfortunately, Lucas barely had a chance to react before they smashed into Kendra’s car.

What happens with this bombshell once Lucas regains consciousness? As many fans had speculated would be the case, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Lucas will not initially remember what Brad told him.

This will surely come as a major relief to Brad, who may try to simply settle back into an uneventful life with his son. However, it’s not going to be that simple.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Lucas will start to have flashes of what happened before the accident. It may take some time for him to piece it all together though, especially since Brad probably isn’t going to do anything to help him on this front.

However, it seems that these memory flickers will be intense and frequent enough to have Lucas determined to figure it all out.

The show has previously promised that the truth about Wiley being Jonah will be revealed at some point in the weeks ahead. Fans will have to wait and see whether it is Lucas, Nelle, or someone else who finally drops the bombshell on Michael, Willow, and the others involved. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s coming soon.

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