Kelly Clarkson Has Her Own Puppy Bowl, And One Pooch Gets Into Trouble As She And Anna Faris Talk Dream Guests

Kelly Clarkson gave the set of her daytime talk show a major makeover in honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl. The singer shared the big reveal on her show’s Instagram page on Friday morning.

Instead of paying homage to the actual NFL game that millions of football fans will be watching this Sunday, Kelly decided to pay tribute to its popular spin-off event, Animal Planet’s annual Puppy Bowl. The Kelly Clarkson Show set was turned into a mini football field just like the one featured on the special television event, which helps adorable shelter dogs find homes.

Puppy Bowl XVI referee Dan Schachner officiated Kelly’s mini version of the big canine game. Her talk show crowd cheered when Dan and a large group of rambunctious pups took the field, and Kelly was also pretty excited.

“I’m actually in heaven,” she said. “I love my job.”

Dan handed Kelly a tiny, light brown pooch wearing a blue bandanna, and the cute canine immediately began trying to lick her face.

Just like on the real Puppy Bowl, Kelly’s special furry guests were given a variety of different dog toys to keep them occupied. They were allowed to run around on the mini field and play during the entirety of the show, and Dan the referee was tasked with making sure that the dogs behaved. However, an especially energetic black and brown pup named Dante kept causing trouble.

Kelly and one of her human guests, Scary Movie actress Anna Faris, were sitting in an end zone on the puppies’ football field when Dante’s antics disrupted their interview. Kelly had asked Anna which celebrity guest she’d love to have on her podcast, and the actress surprised her by immediately saying that her dream guest is rapper Lil’ Kim. She explained that her obsession with the singer started when she walked her first red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards in 2001. Anna seemed especially enamored with the “Lady Marmalade” singer’s daring fashion sense; she caused quite a stir by wearing flower-shaped pasties to the event.

Kelly and Anna were admiring photos of Lil’ Kim’s revealing ensemble when Dante made his move. The pup placed his front paws on top of one of the thick wooden tree stumps that Kelly uses as coffee tables, and he began chowing down on the potted sunflowers sitting atop the table. When Anna noticed what he was doing, she reached down and tried to stop him from chewing on the plants.

“Oh, you can’t eat the flowers,” Kelly said to the pup. “Look at Dante! Of course, I picked the psycho. I love it. Get it, Dante! Dante, you’ve got another flag on the play coming, bro. You’re going to vomit. You shouldn’t eat that.”

Anna moved the pot of flowers out of Dante’s reach, and he trotted back to the other side of the field. Moments later, a loud crash interrupted Kelly and Anna’s chat. Dante turned out to be the cause of the disturbance; he had knocked over a prop on the side of the field.

“Dante, you need to calm down, man,” Kelly said to the little troublemaker.

According to a post on Dan Schachner’s Instagram page, all of the furry football players featured on Kelly’s show are adoptable puppies from Paw Works. Fans can tune in to Kelly’s show later today to learn more about them, and they can check out Dante’s antics in the video below.

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