Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn Is Frustrated, Sasha Is Rattled, & Jordan’s Anxious

Fans of General Hospital are still sorting through their options to ensure they are caught up as new episodes begin to air again and spoilers hint that this will be worth the effort. Port Charles has been left reeling after a mob war broke out, and there’s more of that on the way with Friday’s show.

Heading into the episode airing on Friday, January 31, viewers should expect to see Sonny, Mike, and Jason arrive back in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Brando will be expected to share some answers after his mother, Gladys, recognizes him since he was supposedly dead and just happened to be at the warehouse as a gunfight broke out.

Laura was rushed into surgery, and General Hospital spoilers seem to indicate that Finn will be able to successfully repair the damage caused by the shooting. Nikolas will visit his mom soon, but it sounds as if he might face a difficult discussion with Finn first.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Finn will give someone an ultimatum during Friday’s show. It sounds as if this could involve Finn’s desire to see Hayden reunited with Violet, and Nikolas’ role in preventing that from happening.

General Hospital spoilers also note that Jordan will be fearful of what’s ahead. This is surely related to the mob war hitting Port Charles, and she will be anxious to figure out who is behind all of this. Jason and Sonny don’t even know who is responsible yet, but whoever is trying to take over this territory seems to be anxious to make big things happen.

Sasha was with Michael and Laura at the pier when the shooting started, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be feeling quite rattled during Friday’s show. She agreed to move in with Michael at the Quartermaine mansion, thinking that their primary challenge right now was to deal with Nelle. Now, however, Michael has another battle to manage, and Sasha will seemingly be pretty flustered by it all.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub note that Valentin will be served with a court order. Whatever this is about, apparently Valentin will be angry and anxious to turn things around. It seems likely this will be related to Lulu and Charlotte, as Lulu has made it clear she is going to push for full custody of their daughter.

All signs point toward things remaining quite chaotic throughout Port Charles for the foreseeable future. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the momentum should pick up quickly again now that the hiatus that left so many fans frustrated appears to be over.

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